The Birth and Evolution of Archimemo


Archimemo is a place where ideas that matter to us as architects, designers, citizens and thinkers, develop, mingle and grow. At Henriquez Partners Architects (HPA), we strive to affect change through the built environment by bringing great minds together, sharing philosophies and pushing boundaries. Archimemo offers a meeting place for ambitious, informed and reflective architects, students, thought leaders and community influencers to connect with experienced designers and veterans in the industry.

Over the history of Henriquez Partners, Archimemo has evolved from handwritten notes, to faxes, to emails and now, to a blog. It has contained firm news, design hypotheses driven by architectural thinking, inspiration from real life problems and information on design and urban development. What has persisted over the decades is a passion to spur new visions for the future of Vancouver, the future of urbanism and the future of a Citizen City. Invested in the success and sustainable growth of Vancouver and beyond, we will focus Archimemo on contributions to local and global spaces.

In a Citizen City, the public is an essential part of design thinking and processes, providing feedback years before a building ever gets built. We all play an important role in the development of the cities and communities we live and work in. HPA invites you to join our conversation and spark fresh thinking. Through Archimemo, we look forward to sharing ideas from within our walls and developing together a culture of progress, innovation and sustainability.

As Gregory Henriquez says, “All revolutions start as grass roots movements.” Here within Archimemo, we plant those seeds.

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