The Game of Urban Renewal

Toronto-based artist Flavio Trevisan’s project, a board game called The Game of Urban Renewal, offers players the chance to try their hand at city building.

Players can take on the role of City Councilor, Developer, Community Activist, City Planning Employee, Man-On-The-Street, Academic Urban Theorist, Resident of Existing Development to be Demolished, Mayor, Random Federal Politician, Skyscraper Enthusiast, or Garbage Man, and take turns making decisions about how to shape the city. They can pick from erecting various types of developments—condominiums, commercial buildings, public housing, schools, parks, etc.—or bulldozing what’s been built.

Much like the real world, the city in the game is never finished. According to the instructions, “the game never ends. Continue playing until all players have left the game in pursuit of other interests.”

Via Architizer


August 15, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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