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Lighting is an important element in architectural design, illuminating detail as an integral part of the conceptual whole. The 2014 ‘Lighting Architecture Movement Project’ (L A M P) offers local and international designers the opportunity to showcase unique lighting concepts which will be evaluated through the lens of architectural design. Gregory Henriquez, Managing Partner of Henriquez Partners Architects, will participate as a jury panel member of this annual competition, along with other key players in the design community. This year’s L A M P theme is “Fibre” and each design is expected to creatively integrate the theme in some way. The competition is open to all ages and creative backgrounds, and submissions are being accepted until September 15th. Top entries will be exhibited at an event in November, offering designers the opportunity to receive manufacturing guidance and mingle with industry contacts. Like L A M P 2013 – which drew an opening night crowd of over 250 artists, architects, product designers, students and local business entrepreneurs – this year’s top designs will be made publicly accessible for one week following the event.

For event details or to submit a design, visit www.welovelamp.ca.

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