Council Votes Today On New Urban Food Strategy

City council will vote today on a new food strategy called What Feeds Us—a road map for Vancouver to become a model green city with an integrated food system. There are 71 actions in the report that aim to promote food security and sustainability, as well as explore food policy’s capacity for community building and economic development.

Vancouver is poised to see 13 new farmers markets, lush edible landscaping and food-bearing trees on boulevards and traffic circles, and an increase in community garden plots.

There are currently almost 100 little green enclaves spread across Vancouver where residents have the opportunity to grow their own healthy food. Beyond local produce, these community gardens promote social interaction and citizen engagement. Through a host of partnerships with community organizations, they are often the place where children learn to tend to vegetables and where low-income people gain access to fresh, healthy food. If council adopts What Feeds Us, the number of community garden plots is slated to rise from 2,700 to 5,000.

Update: Council votes unanimously in favour of new urban food strategy.


[Top Image: Kids playing in the Davie Street Community Garden by Flickr user steveluscher]

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