What If the Entire World Lived Like Americans?

How many natural resources would we need if the entire world’s population consumed them like Americans do? More than we have.

After making an infographic depicting how much space would be needed to house the entire world’s population based on the densities of various global cities, Tim De Chant of Per Square Mile got to thinking about the land resources it takes to support those same cities. “Just looking at a city’s geographic extents ignores its more important ecological footprint,” he writes. “How much land would we really need if everyone lived like New Yorkers versus Houstonians?”

Continue reading “What Would Happen If the Entire World Lived Like Americans?” by Patrick James at Co.Exist.

[Top Image: How much land would 7 billion people need to live like the people of these countries? Tim De Chant, Per Square Mile]

August 17, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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