What Makes a City Green?

Cities all over the world are ramping up their efforts to become greener—to provide healthier urban living environments, to be environmentally sustainable in the long term, and to exist more harmoniously with natural ecosystems. Vancouver has implemented the Greenest City Action Plan 2020 to provide the city with a road map of goals, plans, and targets for addressing climate change.

But it can be hard to define what makes a city green, and, subsequently, which cities are providing a global example for effectively staving off climate change and stemming ecological overshoot. Does it come down to the amount of green spaces? Good planning that promotes an efficient use of space? Or the implementation of policies that provide a clear framework for long-term action?

A new infographic by HouseTrip chooses six green global leaders: Vancouver, New York, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm, and offers up some quantifiable data about what sets them apart. It compares each city in terms of energy efficiency, alternative transportation, water conservation, cutting carbon emissions, and recycling. Is anything missing? What defines a “green city?”

(via Co.EXIST)

October 19, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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