York Theatre on Cover of Georgia Straight

After 25 years of advocacy, to the great relief of Tom Durrie and other arts activists, the York Theatre is finally saved from the threat of demolition. The Georgia Straight covers the story as an Arts Feature in it’s November 2013 publication, outlining the history of the building and Henriquez Partners Architects’ contribution to the York Theatre legacy. A creative collaboration between the Cultch, the City of Vancouver and the site’s developer, Wall Financial Corporation, resulted in an architectural design by Gregory Henriquez that preserved the building’s heritage while incorporating a striking metaphorical open curtain of red glass tiles framing the new foyer, destined to host many theatrical receptions in the years to come. The first of these includes the opening gala for the York’s first production, Jack and the Bean Stock: An East Van Panto, opening on Friday, December 6th and running until December 29th.

This new amenity on the northern end of Commercial Drive will add vitality to the area, support existing businesses and spur growth within neighbourhood’s commercial sector. The York Theatre will also help sustain the Cultch by more than doubling their seating capacity and improve opportunities for people to enjoy the rich cultural experience of live theatre. The York Theatre is the perfect addition to a growing cultural district in East Vancouver.

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