Veronica Gillies

Veronica is an author, architect and leader in the buildings industry. She has a proven track record and an extensive background in the leadership, design and execution of a wide range of facilities including commercial, mixed use and institutional projects across Canada and Europe. With the fusion of design training and business education, Veronica approaches projects by connecting design thinking to strategic business goals. She is passionate about architecture that merges modern design with innovative building science. She also believes that the forefront of design and development has an obligation to inform and excite in addition to merging environmental concerns, economic responsibility, community sensitivity and cultural connection. In her role as Director of Innovation, she brings her broad business experience and methodical approach to thinking about the future to focus on delivery of collaborative research, engagement initiatives and pursue opportunities for innovation. Her mandate is to inform practice from a balanced perspective of what is now, what is new and what is next.

Veronica is active in a number of industry organizations on a Board or Advisory capacity. She currently sits as President of the BC Construction Roundtable and is on her second appointment to the Vancouver Urban Design Panel. She was named a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada in 2013.

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