• Leadership Team Leadership Team[Bio]

    Leadership Team

  • Gregory Henriquez Gregory Henriquez
    Managing Principal[Bio]

    Gregory Henriquez
    Managing Principal

    Gregory Henriquez is the Managing Partner of Henriquez Partners Architects and a leader among a new generation of architects who are reintegrating ethics and activism into the discipline. His work is founded on the belief that meaningful architecture must be a poetic expression of social justice.

    Gregory’s socially, culturally, and environmentally sustainable projects are having a major impact on shaping local communities. He recently completed the socially inclusive Woodward’s Redevelopment in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside—a project that is bringing new density and vital body heat to the area. The project is unprecedented in Canada due to its scale, humanitarian aspirations, and complexity. It was awarded a 2011 AIBC Special Jury Award for Outstanding Programming and Place-making. Currently, Gregory is the Design Architect for TELUS Garden, which will bring Vancouver its first LEED Platinum-certified office tower.

    Gregory’s work has been honoured with numerous design awards, including BC Lieutenant Governor’s Medals in Architecture for the Coal Harbour Community Centre and Bruce Eriksen Place, and a Governor General’s Medal in Architecture for the Lore Krill Housing Co-op. A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Gregory holds a Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction from Carleton University. He studied at McGill University’s Master of Architecture Program in History and Theory and has taught at the University of British Columbia and the Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

    Contact Gregory through Kseniia Ivanova.


  • Richard Henriquez Richard Henriquez
    Founding Principal[Bio]

    Richard Henriquez
    Founding Principal

    Richard is a major figure in Canadian architecture. His iconic buildings comprise a significant portion of the architectural legacy of both the lower mainland and the country at large. Richard is the Founding Partner of Henriquez Partners Architects.

    Working from an imaginative tradition as a sculptor and assembler of form, Richard transforms projects into highly symbolic works narrated through public ritual, myth, and traces of memory—real or imagined. His profound visions for places and communities are evident in projects such as Vancouver’s Gaslight Square, the Environmental Sciences Building at Trent University, New Westminster’s Justice Institute of British Columbia, the Sinclair Centre, and SAGE at Wesbrook Place.

    In 2005, Richard won the Gold Medal of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), which is the most prestigious award for lifetime achievement in Canadian architecture. He has been bestowed with numerous other honours, including RAIC/Governor General’s Awards, Lieutenant Governor’s Awards, an honourary Doctor of Laws from Simon Fraser University in 2009, and an AIBC Lifetime Achievement award in 2013.

    Contact Richard through Carmen Wong.


  • Patricia Tewfik Patricia Tewfik

    Patricia Tewfik

    Patricia is a strong asset to the Henriquez Partners team with sixteen years of operational and financial experience as a business decision maker, strategic advisor and people leader. Patricia earned a Master of Public Administration from the University of Victoria, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations from the University of British Columbia, and she is also a Chartered Accountant. Patricia is responsible for the stewardship of all business and operational activities of the firm including strategy, business development, business operations, finances and resources.

    Pat is driven by excellence: “… that makes a difference. Being passionate and excelling at what we do in life is meaningful and rewarding. It becomes exceptional when our excellence contributes in a meaningful way to the lives of others. As an Architecture firm we have an amazing opportunity to build beautiful communities that are sustainable, socially inclusive and culturally diverse for generations to enjoy.”

  • Peter Wood Peter Wood

    Peter Wood

    Peter Wood is an incredible asset to the firm. He has taken a leadership role in two of the office’s most significant large-scale projects in recent years. Peter is currently the Director-in-Charge of TELUS Garden and was also the Associate-in-Charge of the Woodward’s Redevelopment.

    Prior to joining Henriquez Partners Architects in 2002, Peter headed his own design studio. He has extensive experience designing art galleries and received a Prairie Design Award of Excellence for the Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art in Calgary. His work has been published in Azure, Canadian Architect, and Western Living magazines. Peter holds a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of British Columbia.

  • Rui Nunes Rui Nunes

    Rui Nunes

    Combining an artistic eye with technical precision, Rui Nunes has played a leadership role in several major projects. He is currently overseeing the design of 3 million sf of residential area on the Oakridge Mall Redevelopment site. In his tenure here he has led a number of significant projects such as the SFU Shrum Chemistry Renovation, the SAGE residential tower at Wesbrook Place at UBC, and the Lynn Valley Town Centre and Library, which was the recipient of an Award of Excellence in 2009. A LEED AP, he was also the project team lead on the BC Cancer Research Centre, the first LEED Gold Laboratory in Canada.

    In addition to his leadership and design skills, Rui is also an award-winning photographer having exhibited and published internationally.

  • Shawn LaPointe Shawn LaPointe

    Shawn LaPointe

    Since joining Henriquez Partners Architects in 2002, Shawn Lapointe has become a valuable, proactive member of the office. He has lent his diverse talents to a range of projects, including the Woodward’s Redevelopment, Gastown Parkades, and the BC Cancer Research Centre. Originally from Campbelltown, New Brunswick, Shawn holds a Master of Architecture from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    Shawn is inspired by design excellence: “I always strive for design excellence through the production and delivery of our design documents and site coordination. This is an essential step in realizing the creative designs that are intrinsic to our office.”

  • Norman Huth Norman Huth
    Director of Interior Architecture[Bio]

    Norman Huth
    Director of Interior Architecture

    Norman Huth is an experienced Senior Architect who is dedicated to developing innovative design solutions tailored to each individual client’s needs. He is currently applying his blend of creativity and craftsmanship to a number of projects with the firm. Norman’s specialized area of focus is residential design, which he considers one of the most vital forms of architecture. Originally from Winnipeg, Norman holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Manitoba. He is a member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

    Norman is driven by history and narrative: “Every building or project has a story. Whether this story is derived from an awareness of the past, timeless culture, ongoing human order, or other topical forces, it directs the decisions made throughout the design process and gives meaning to the ultimate product.”

  • Veronica Gillies Veronica Gillies
    Director of Innovation[Bio]

    Veronica Gillies
    Director of Innovation

    Veronica is an author, architect and leader in the buildings industry. She has a proven track record and an extensive background in the leadership, design and execution of a wide range of facilities including commercial, mixed use and institutional projects across Canada and Europe. With the fusion of design training and business education, Veronica approaches projects by connecting design thinking to strategic business goals. She is passionate about architecture that merges modern design with innovative building science. She also believes that the forefront of design and development has an obligation to inform and excite in addition to merging environmental concerns, economic responsibility, community sensitivity and cultural connection. In her role as Director of Innovation, she brings her broad business experience and methodical approach to thinking about the future to focus on delivery of collaborative research, engagement initiatives and pursue opportunities for innovation. Her mandate is to inform practice from a balanced perspective of what is now, what is new and what is next.

    Veronica is active in a number of industry organizations on a Board or Advisory capacity. She currently sits as President of the BC Construction Roundtable and is on her second appointment to the Vancouver Urban Design Panel. She was named a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada in 2013.


  • Hany Iwamura Hany Iwamura
    Director of Digital Practice[Bio]

    Hany Iwamura
    Director of Digital Practice

  • Jaime Dejo Jaime Dejo
    Director of Construction Administration[Bio]

    Jaime Dejo
    Director of Construction Administration

    Over the course of his nearly 20 years with Henriquez Partners Architects, Jaime Dejo has become a valuable member of the team. In addition to overseeing all of the firm’s construction administration, Jaime was the Project Architect for the Gastown Parkades and the Coal Harbour Community Centre. Jaime is from Peru, where he obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from the Universidad Particular Ricardo Palma in Lima.

    Jaime is driven by inspired spaces: “’Space has always been the spiritual dimension of architecture. It is not the physical statement of structure so much as what it contains that moves us.’ — Arthur Erickson”

  • Associates Associates[Bio]


  • Dallas Hong Dallas Hong

    Dallas Hong

    Since joining Henriquez Partners Architects in 2002, Dallas Hong has contributed to shaping the technical and aesthetic components of a number of key projects, including Granville at 70th, SAGE at Wesbrook Place, and the Lynn Valley Town Centre and Library. Dallas is from Vancouver, and he holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture from the University of British Columbia.

    Dallas is inspired by design excellence: “In its most expansive definition, design excellence subtends social justice, poetry, history, inclusivity, inspired spaces, future generations, the planet, and cultural sustainability. Architecture is complicated and for it to be meaningful, it must engage the complexity.”

  • Keith Smith Keith Smith

    Keith Smith

    Keith Smith brings a combinative knowledge of commercial, retail, and multi-unit residential to the firm. Originally from County Cavan, Ireland, Keith relocated to London, England to study Architecture at Kingston University, and became a member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.

    Keith believes in Design Excellence: “I am endlessly inspired by the process of making architecture. R. Buckminster Fuller once remarked ‘When I think I’ve solved a problem, if it’s not beautiful I know I haven’t solved it.’”

  • Christian Schimert Christian Schimert

    Christian Schimert

    A valued member of Henriquez Partners from 2000–2011, Christian Schimert rejoins the HPA team as Senior Project Manager. Christian brings his expertise in space planning, unit layout, envelope / steel detailing, shopping centres and theatre design to projects such as Grosvenor and Davie & Broughton. Christian studied architecture in Kaiserslautern and Munich (Germany), and holds a Diplom Ingenieur degree in Architecture (Masters of Science MSc). Christian is a Registered Architect in the United Kingdom and a member of the Architects Registration Board.

    Christian is driven by design excellence: “Determination and attention to detail together with keeping the big picture in mind leads to the realization of a projects full potential.”

  • Anthony Milkovich Anthony Milkovich

    Anthony Milkovich

    Anthony values the pursuit of design excellence with the people and organizations that work hard to build projects with social purpose in our communities. An experienced project architect and rigorous team player he brings over 13 years of experience delivering projects with social and urban impact to HPA along with expertise in the guidelines that inform their development. Anthony was born and raised in Vancouver, and holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture from the University of British Columbia.

  • Edgar Leon Edgar Leon

    Edgar Leon

    Originally from Mexico City, Edgar brings his passion for architecture as Senior Designer for Henriquez Partners. Edgar received a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.

    As a second generation architect, he was immensely fortunate to grow up learning, living, and breathing architecture at his father’s studio in Mexico City. During grad-school, reading Towards an Ethical Architecture, which argued on the power of beauty and the sublime to foster social change, was an invaluable source of inspiration for Edgar’s thesis. 10 years later, he left a promising career designing skyscrapers in Asia and the Middle East for the opportunity to be part of this dream.

    As Architects, we don’t give shape to cement, bricks, or wood, but to Life itself.” – Alejandro Aravena

  • Brad McCoy Brad McCoy

    Brad McCoy

    Brad McCoy’s focused and professional attitude make him a invaluable addition to an array of projects, including the York Theatre, 6th & Fir, and Granville at 70th. Brad is from Boston, and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University.

    Brad is driven by inspired spaces: “The construction of imagination allows building to embody inspiration.”

  • Michael Mychajlyszyn Michael Mychajlyszyn
    Senior Architect[Bio]

    Michael Mychajlyszyn
    Senior Architect

    A LEED Accredited Professional, Mike Mychajlyszyn brings extensive experience in sustainable development and heritage restoration to his position of Senior Architect with Henriquez Partners Architects. Mike is currently overseeing the construction administration of the York Theatre heritage revitalization and he is the project lead for 250 Powell, which sees a former remand centre transformed into social housing. Mike is originally from Winnipeg where he obtained a Master of Architecture from the University of Manitoba.

    Mike’s work is informed by future generations: “As architects, we are stewards of the built environment and the profession, and must ensure there are opportunities for future generations. We grow and pass on knowledge and experience, we are not born with it.

  • Daniel Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel brings 30+ years experience in project design and management, and contract documents / administration as Senior Project Architect with HPA. Originally from Medellin, Colombia, Daniel received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Idaho, and is a registered architect in Colombia.

    Daniel values design excellence: “Design Excellence provides solutions for everyday necessities required by mankind at the individual and collective level. It organizes matter in a manner that stimulates our senses as human beings.”

  • Architects & Designers Architects & Designers[Bio]

    Architects & Designers

  • Alan Bushby Alan Bushby
    Project Manager[Bio]

    Alan Bushby
    Project Manager

    Al brings specific expertise in Revit and construction documentation to HPA. Originally from Channg Islands, Al holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Plymouth University and a Master of Architecture from the University of British Columbia.

    Al is driven by exchange and learning: “A firm believer in sharing ideas, values, concepts in an environment that inspires learning, creativity and exploration, growing together, bettering our collective expectations.

  • Anton Lukashov Anton Lukashov

    Anton Lukashov

  • Antonio Olivera Antonio Olivera

    Antonio Olivera

    Antonio brings over 8 years of experience in the practice of architecture and construction. He holds a Master of Architecture and a Master of Architectural Heritage Conservation and Renovation from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. Antonio’s international experience, project management expertise and technical knowledge of building systems make him a valued asset of the Henriquez Partners team.

    Antonio values design excellence: “I see architecture as a great puzzle game where we must not only design each piece from scratch but also make the bigger picture look great, answer to a purpose and provide society with a better environment. Design excellence makes every piece fit in its place easily. It’s the tool we have to answer the many requirements an architectural project demands.”

  • Bartosz Palus Bartosz Palus
    3D Artist[Bio]

    Bartosz Palus
    3D Artist

  • Bas Olsman Bas Olsman
    Project Manager[Bio]

    Bas Olsman
    Project Manager

    Bas Olsman has played an instrumental role in Granville at 70th during design development and working drawings. Bas is from Hardenberg in the Netherlands, and he holds a Bachelor of Science from the Delft University of Technology and a Master of Architecture from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Bas is a certified LEED Green Associate.

    Bas is driven by design excellence: “Design excellence to me is a solution that represents a project’s function and place, while working with our planet in a sustainable way. In my work, I try to use ideas that achieve both these goals at the same time”

  • Caroline Steranka Caroline Steranka
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Caroline Steranka
    Intern Architect

    Originally from Regina, Caroline received her Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies from Dalhousie University in Halifax, and her Master of Architecture from Carleton University in Ottawa.

    Caroline values design excellence: “Architecture and urban design are tools to advance civic identity and engagement.  Being inclusive to every individual while inspiring adaptability and engagement with culturally designed environments, promotes progressive communities.”

  • Chanhoo Kim Chanhoo Kim
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Chanhoo Kim
    Intern Architect

    Chanhoo Kim brings his expertise in 3D modelling and rendering as a Designer with Henriquez Partners Architects. Originally from South Korea, Chanhoo received his Master of Architecture from Ryerson University and is also a LEED Green Associate.

    Chanhoo is driven by inspired spaces: “Architecture can be expressed in many ways including proportion, craftsmanship and meticulously designed spaces. I am constantly driven and inspired by spaces that demonstrate exceptional architectural quality.”

  • Chris Boldt Chris Boldt
    Project Architect[Bio]

    Chris Boldt
    Project Architect

    Chris Boldt brings flexibility and a diverse skill set to numerous projects, including the York Theatre heritage restoration and the mixed-use development at Sapperton. Chris is from Olympia, Washington. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Washington and a Master of Architecture from the University of British Columbia.

    Chris is driven by inclusivity: “Architecture is for everyone. Places that inspire people in different ways, according to their point of view, are most successful. Testing architecture through the lens of multiple narratives—past, future, young, old, familiar, unfamiliar—is a great way to produce robust, empathetic, and sustainable environments.”

  • Daisuke Matsuura Daisuke Matsuura
    Senior Interior Designer[Bio]

    Daisuke Matsuura
    Senior Interior Designer

  • Daniel Farid Daniel Farid
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Daniel Farid
    Intern Architect

    Daniel leverages his skills in design, construction, model making and visualization as Designer with Henriquez Partners. Originally from Ottawa, Daniel received his Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University and his Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary.

    Daniel values design excellence: “The excellence of design is in its capacity to honour, understand and relate historical, social, political, structural and aesthetic contexts and needs. I am inspired by multidisciplinary, collaborative architecture, and the opportunity to create inhabitable, meaningful and transcendent narratives.”

  • Daniela Buitrago Daniela Buitrago
    Graphic Designer[Bio]

    Daniela Buitrago
    Graphic Designer

  • Daphne Nicolas Daphne Nicolas

    Daphne Nicolas

    Daphne brings knowledge of urban master planning, residential design, finishing and details, and graphic design to the firm. Daphne is originally from Caracas, Venezuela, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Santa Maria University. She also holds a Master of Architecture from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture and is registered with the Venezuela Association of Architects (CAV) as well as the Venezuela Association of Engineers (CIV).

    Daphne is driven by cultural sustainability: “I believe great Architecture is functional art within a productive urban fabric. I envision habitable, organic, sustainable, and self-sufficient structures that are accessible to the community and improve people’s quality of life.”

  • Dominic Mahony Dominic Mahony

    Dominic Mahony

    Dominic leverages his experience in the schematic design, design development and working drawing phases as Designer with HPA. Originally from Walsall, West Midlands UK, Dominic received his Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) from the University of Kingston, and a Bachelor Diploma in Fine Art from the University of Central England, Birmingham.

    Dominic values timelessness: “…only great buildings are architectural – timelessness is a key ingredient in achieving great architecture in the built environment.”
    the fiction is already there…the writer’s task is to invent the reality’ – JG Ballard

  • Dragoslav Mitic Dragoslav Mitic
    Senior Project Manager[Bio]

    Dragoslav Mitic
    Senior Project Manager

    Dragoslav Mitic is an experienced designer with a broad background in residential towers and mixed-use developments. He is currently focusing on the construction documents for TELUS Garden. Originally from Serbia, Dragoslav holds a Master of Architecture from Belgrade University.

    Dragoslav is driven by design excellence: “Design excellence is defined by aesthetic, functional, contextual, sustainability, inclusivity, and other characteristics. The biggest challenge is to fulfill and coordinate all of them.”

  • Elena Vakhrameeva Elena Vakhrameeva
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Elena Vakhrameeva
    Intern Architect

    Elena brings her expertise in BIM management, REVIT, institutional building design and interiors as Designer at Henriquez Partners. Elena received her BAS and MArch from Carleton University, and was born in Moscow, Russia.

    Elena values design excellence: “Design Excellence is an all encompassing term that combines commitment, engagement, responsibility, expertise, awareness, experience, creative judgement and passion to make a positive change for today and the future. It is what I aim for anytime I’m involved in the architectural process, however small or complicated the task may be.”

  • France Beland France Beland
    Project Manager[Bio]

    France Beland
    Project Manager

    France has over 20 years of experience in the practice of architecture, with experience in retail, mixed-use, high end residential and institutional projects. She holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Carleton Univercity. France’s expertise in the design and execution of complex functional programs lends itself well to the Henriquez Partners architectural team.

    France is inspired by design: ”Art and design inspire me constantly, I aim for excellence in design with strong functional programming with elegance in overall design.”

  • Frank Stebner Frank Stebner
    Senior Architect[Bio]

    Frank Stebner
    Senior Architect

    Frank Stebner has been with the firm for 30 years, during which time he has played an invaluable role in a wide range of projects that includes the Justice Institute of British Columbia and Dockside Live/Work. Frank brings experience and leadership skills to all of his work. Originally from Germany, Frank studied at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg before moving to Vancouver.

    Frank is driven by design excellence: “Design excellence incorporates social justice, poetry, inclusivity, and sustainability. We need a standard of design excellence that translates from design vision all the way to actual construction.”

  • Gerald DesRochers Gerald DesRochers
    Architectural Concept Artist[Bio]

    Gerald DesRochers
    Architectural Concept Artist

    Gerald has over 10 years’ experience as a professional concept production artist. He holds a Diploma in Illustration and Design from Sheridan College, Toronto and is licenced in Building Planning, Construction and Carpentry. Gerald’s experience and expertise in next generation tools make him a valued member of our visualization team.

    Gerald values inspiration: “One of the best qualities of any art is the ability to inspire.”

  • Ginny Chiu Ginny Chiu

    Ginny Chiu

    Ginny brings diverse building technology experience in residential, commercial, retail, institutional and community projects as Technologist with HPA. A native of Richmond, BC, Ginny honed her skills from a 9-year stint in Calgary.

  • Gustavo González Gustavo González
    Senior Project Manager[Bio]

    Gustavo González
    Senior Project Manager

    Gustavo González has over 15 years of experience in the practice of architecture and construction, with completed projects in the US, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of the Andes in Bogotá, Colombia as well as a Master of Urban Design and Planning from City University of New York. Gustavo’s international experience, project management expertise and advanced technological knowledge of current building systems makes him a great asset to the Henriquez Partners architectural team.

    Gustavo is driven by place and identity: “With every project, I see Architecture as a dialogue with the forces of life, rooted in the tension of the development of ideas that are powerful, distinctive and relevant to the specifics of a place – or individuals – to create identity, in the complex ever-changing landscape of a city.”

  • Ian Allmark Ian Allmark
    Senior Technologist [Bio]

    Ian Allmark
    Senior Technologist

    Ian leverages his collaborative spirit as Architectural Technologist with Henriquez Partners. A native of Bolton, UK, Ian received a Diploma in General Building studies (Higher National Certificate in Architecture) from the Manchester College of Building, and is a past member of the British Institute of Architectural Technologists.

  • Irene Lloren Irene Lloren
    Interior Designer[Bio]

    Irene Lloren
    Interior Designer

    Irene brings over 20 years’ experience in the practice of interior design, with experience working internationally on projects in Canada, the United States, Abu Dhabi and Asia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design from the University of Santo Tomas in Manilla, Philippines. Her space planning and construction documentation expertise on residential and luxury hotel projects makes her as excellent asset to the Henriquez Partners interiors team.

    Irene values inspiration: “I am inspired by the idea of empowerment, the ability to explore, create and learn. Designing an environment that promotes sharing and the development of ideas to inspire others. The feeling of community, enjoying the people we work with and the knowledge that work makes a difference. Setting a goal that will support the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy, sustainable community.”

  • Jacob Henriquez Jacob Henriquez

    Jacob Henriquez

    Jacob Henriquez is an aspiring architect pursuing his architectural studies at the University of Toronto. Jacob joins Henriquez Partners as Designer for the third year running, and is is a Vancouver native.

    Jacob values inclusivity and timelessness: “Our time in this world is limited; finite. It is essential that we translate our experiences into what we create and include all in the beauty that we bring to this world. We must create pieces that will outlive us and carry on our own legacies.”

  • Ji-Young Soulliere Ji-Young Soulliere
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Ji-Young Soulliere
    Intern Architect

    Ji-Young Soulliere brings a well-rounded multidisciplinary design-sense to the firm. She has contributed to single and multi-family dwellings, residential high-rises, institutional, and transit architecture. Originally from Seoul, Korea, Ji-Young attended University in Japan before completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, and a Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary.

    Ji-Young is driven by design excellence: “The detail tells the tale.” – Jean Labatut

  • Joanna Kruk Joanna Kruk
    Project Manager[Bio]

    Joanna Kruk
    Project Manager

    Joanna Kruk brings her background in residential, commercial, retail and institutional design as Project Manager with Henriquez Partners. Joanna possesses over 18 years experience in all project phases including design development, construction documentation, consultant coordination, contract administration and closeout. Originally from Poland, Joanna received a BAA (Interior Design) from Ryerson University and a MArch from the University of British Columbia.

    Joanna values social sustainability: “I am passionate and committed to sustainability, and strive to apply my background in green design to my project work. As a LEED-registered professional, I’ve led green initiatives and organized office-wide green programs. My 18 years of design, production and project execution is complemented by knowledge gained while problem solving with clients, consultants and contractors.”

  • John P. Jones John P. Jones

    John P. Jones

    John brings over 15 years of experience in the practice of architecture, and has worked in Buenos Aires, New York and Vancouver. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina as well as a Masters of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. John’s problem solving skills, international experience, and project management expertise make him a valued member of the Henriquez Partners architectural team.

    John values design excellence: “Excellent design inspires the imagination, and it’s the dedication and creative problem solving from the entire team that makes it possible.”

  • Jozef Pavlik Jozef Pavlik

    Jozef Pavlik

    As an Architect with Henriquez Partners Architects, Jozef Pavlik applies his expertise in design development and working drawings to numerous projects, including 6th & Fir, 60 West Cordova, the York Theatre, and Granville at 70th. Jozef is from Slovakia, where he obtained a Master in Architecture from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

    Jozef’s work is inspired by poetry: “Buildings, they are 3-D poems about the way a life should be lived.”

  • Leo Morales Leo Morales
    Production Manager[Bio]

    Leo Morales
    Production Manager

    Technical detailing and job captaining come naturally to Leo, who brings over 19 years’ of industry experience coordinating complex drawings with clarity and accuracy. Leo’s technical and production expertise make him a strong mentor. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Architecture in the Philippines.

    Leo is driven by timelessness:Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” — Frank Gehry

  • Lindy Baiani Lindy Baiani
    Junior Designer[Bio]

    Lindy Baiani
    Junior Designer

  • Mackenzie Nixon Mackenzie Nixon
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Mackenzie Nixon
    Intern Architect

    Mackenzie was raised in Calgary, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and a Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary. Mackenzie brings 3D modeling and graphic design skills to the firm.

    Mackenzie is driven by design excellence: “I am inspired by architecture that fulfills both it’s social and environmental responsibilities, while also creating compelling and innovative space. To me, design excellence is achieved at the intersection of these values.”

  • Max Senini Max Senini
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Max Senini
    Intern Architect

    Max brings international experience from a stint in Beijing, China, and expertise in digital modelling / physical prototyping as Designer with Henriquez Partners. Max received his Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary and his Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy major) from Concordia University.

    Max values design excellence: “With the past as precedent and the future as pure possibility, architecture operates as a powerful vehicle towards change and societal utility.”

  • Melissa Peatch Melissa Peatch
    Interior Designer[Bio]

    Melissa Peatch
    Interior Designer

    Melissa is an organized and conscientious interior designer, valued for her space planning, materials selection and drafting skills. Clients appreciate her ability to quickly respond to needs and her efficient time management. She studied at Vancouver Island University, where she received her Bachelors of Interior Design.

    Melissa values timelessness: “When designing interiors (or spaces that you want to exist for an extended period of time) it is important to create a space that cannot be dated within five years. As much as it is tempting to design to the latest trends it is important to understand which of those trends are lasting and which will only be relevant for a short period of time.”

  • Melissa Thompson Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson

  • Michael Wong Michael Wong
    Senior Project Manager[Bio]

    Michael Wong
    Senior Project Manager

    A seasoned project manager for complex mixed-use projects, Michael brings 26 years’ experience and a broad range of expertise to our team. He is especially valued for his technical precision and team collaboration. Michael trained at the University of Toronto, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture, and has worked at many well-known firms in Canada.

    Michael’s is driven by design excellence: “I believe design excellence should be pursued at all phases of a project.”

  • Muye Ma Muye Ma

    Muye Ma

    Muye comes to us from Hainan, China by way of Montreal. Having recently completed his Bachelor of Science (Architecture) from McGill University, his strength lies in 3D and physical model making.

    Muye is driven by design excellence with a strong concern for inclusivity.

  • Payam Ashjae Payam Ashjae
    Senior Designer[Bio]

    Payam Ashjae
    Senior Designer

    Payam Ashjae’s excellent design and visualization skills have contributed to both TELUS Garden and Granville at 70th. Payam is from Iran, and he holds a Master in Architecture from Azad University in Tehran. He is currently an Intern Architect with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia.

    Payam is driven by poetry: “During the design procedure, a piece of the human spirit is progressively woven into the substance of a project. It’s as if this humane secret is relocated into another corporal body.”

  • Quinci Cohen Quinci Cohen
    Graphic Designer[Bio]

    Quinci Cohen
    Graphic Designer

    Born in Toronto, raised in Accra, Ghana, Quinci is a Vancouver-based designer that attended Emily Carr University of Art + Design, graduating with a BA in Design (Communication Design major). Quinci brings a strong passion and background in publication design, typography, and branding to the graphic design team at Henriquez Partners Architects.

    Quinci is driven by design excellence. “Dedication to fidelity and detail in design is important to me. Prioritizing the finer points of any particular craft is what truly pushes a project from being great to absolutely excellent.”

  • Ray Dalupang Ray Dalupang
    Visualization Designer[Bio]

    Ray Dalupang
    Visualization Designer

    With a variety of talents, Ray brings his expertise in 3D modelling, 2D illustration and graphic design to Henriquez Partners. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ray studied graphic design in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, and Architectural Sciences & Technology at Red River College.

    Ray values design timelessness: “What we call the present is given shape by an accumulation of the past.”

  • Sanaz Nooshafarin Sanaz Nooshafarin

    Sanaz Nooshafarin

  • Sara Yoo Sara Yoo
    Interior Designer[Bio]

    Sara Yoo
    Interior Designer

  • Sara Zonouzi Sara Zonouzi
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Sara Zonouzi
    Intern Architect

  • Saurav Vaidhya Saurav Vaidhya

    Saurav Vaidhya

    Well-rounded in his experience throughout all phases of a project, Saurav lends his multi-family residential expertise to our team. Colleagues value him for his commitment to teamwork and his unwavering smile. Born in Nepal, he completed his Masters of Architecture at the University of British Columbia.

    Saurav is driven by design excellence and inspiration:The details are not the details. They make the design.”  — Charles Eames

  • Shenpei Ha Shenpei Ha

    Shenpei Ha

    Shenpei applies his skills in concept design and model making as Designer at Henriquez Partners. Born in China and raised in London, Shenpei received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Manchester, a Professional Diploma in Architecture from CASS School of Architecture, and is also a RIBA Associate member.

    Shenpei values social sustainability: “Listening is a powerful act; it ensures the needs of the end user are heard and that a building ultimately serves the community. Architecture should reach deep and touch everyone’s heart.”

  • Vuk Krcmar-Grkavac Vuk Krcmar-Grkavac

    Vuk Krcmar-Grkavac

    Born in Serbia and raised in Vancouver, Vuk received his Bachelor degree and Master of Architecture from McGill University in Montreal. He also brings to HPA hands on experience with wood and metal-working from BCIT’s Aerospace Structures Mechanics Certificate program.

    Vuk values design excellence: “I see design as the crafting of a unified whole out of the different aspects that make up architecture: the social, environmental, functional and aesthetic consequences in the remaking of our built environment.”

  • Wendy Wen Wendy Wen
    Model Maker[Bio]

    Wendy Wen
    Model Maker

    Wendy leverages her expertise in model making and architectural drawing as Model Maker with Henriquez Partners. Born in China and a former resident of Toronto, Wendy received her Master of Architecture from the University of Westminster and Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Manchester.

    Wendy values design excellence: “Design excellence involves orienting oneself closer to the end user. By understanding a user’s requirements and behaviours, the designer can best utilize her expertise to deliver an optimal design solution.”

  • Xiaonan Wang Xiaonan Wang

    Xiaonan Wang

  • Yann Angelini Yann Angelini
    3D Visualization Artist[Bio]

    Yann Angelini
    3D Visualization Artist

    Yann brings his skills in visualization and digital design as 3D Visualization Artist with Henriquez Partners. A native of La Rochelle, France, Yann received a DEESIM Bachelor from ESTEI School in Bordeaux.

    Yann values sustainability: “I think buildings should imitate ecological systems.”

  • Yishan Yue Yishan Yue
    Intern Architect[Bio]

    Yishan Yue
    Intern Architect

    Yishan brings her skills in architectural design as Designer with Henriquez Partners. Originally from China, Yishan received her Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto.

    Yishan values design excellence: Design excellence to me is to thoughtfully consider architecture at every scale, with respect to context and the end user.

  • Yong Sun Yong Sun
    Senior Designer[Bio]

    Yong Sun
    Senior Designer

    Yong brings over 16 years’ experience in the practice of architecture and construction, with expertise in large-scale mixed-use, high rise residential and master planning. Originally from Xiamen, China, Yong holds a Master of Architecture with Advanced Standing from the University of British Columbia. Having managed projects with budgets over $100 million from pre-design to completion, Yong is valued for his expertise with all phases of a project.

    Yong values design excellence: “Striving for design excellence requires a profound and holistic understanding of project challenges from all aspects, and the ability of making strategic decisions and compromises without losing sight of the bigger picture. A good architect maintains that balance while always pushing the envelope.”

  • Managers & Administrative Staff Managers & Administrative Staff[Bio]

    Managers & Administrative Staff

  • Alexis Mitchell Alexis Mitchell
    Project Manager[Bio]

    Alexis Mitchell
    Project Manager

    In her role as Project Manager Alexis Mitchell calls on years of experience in administration and providing high-level executive support. Alexis’ role encompasses project management for the Oakridge team. Alexis holds a Bachelor of Art in Art History from the University of British Columbia and a Certificate in Interior Design from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

    Alexis’ work is driven by inspiring spaces: “The environments people live in affect their lives significantly. Designing spaces that evoke emotion influences how people live, move, function, and feel.”


  • Hope Hart Hope Hart
    HPA Impact Officer[Bio]

    Hope Hart
    HPA Impact Officer

    With a background in community development, Hope is focussed on advancing Henriquez Partners’ social justice initiatives. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies from the University of Calgary and a Certificate in Aboriginal Relations. Hope brings experience working with at-risk youth in not for profit organizations, which makes her a valued asset to the team.

    Hope values inclusivity: “I believe strongly in the value of inclusivity because I have seen first hand how inclusive communities promote change, acceptance, and empower people to be a part of a larger goal for the betterment of our world.”

  • Janina Romano Janina Romano
    Project Coordinator[Bio]

    Janina Romano
    Project Coordinator

    As Project Coordinator, Janina supports all projects in the studio, assisting our design teams for success day to day. She also plays a key role in our HPA Impact social justice initiatives and oversees special projects for the leadership team. Her organization, ability to multitask, and helpful disposition make her a valued member of our team. Janina holds her Project Management Professional Certification from the UBC Sauder School of Business and is working towards her professional designation. She brings seven years’ experience and a Bachelor in Criminal Justice.

    Janina is driven by Social Justice and Community Engagement: Being able to achieve a deeper appreciation for the social justice aspect of our field and being able to have a successful community engagement is tied to the success of any given project.  People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success

  • John Ngan John Ngan
    Graphic Design Manager[Bio]

    John Ngan
    Graphic Design Manager

    John is a CGD-certified Graphic Designer from Vancouver, BC who brings a strong brand identity and communication design background to the Henriquez Partners management team. He completed a BA in Design (Communication Design major) from Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, and a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia, where he also studied in the Masters of Architecture program.

    John is driven by design excellence. “I have been exposed to art and design since elementary school. I believe in infusing meaning, relevance and craft into the work I produce. I use every new project as an opportunity to explore something new.”

  • Nicolette Williams Nicolette Williams
    Project Coordinator[Bio]

    Nicolette Williams
    Project Coordinator

    A native of Port Macquarie, Australia, Nicolette Wiliiams brings her poise and project management skills as Executive Assistant with Henriquez Partners. Nicolette received a Diploma of Business Management from APM College of Business and Communication, where she also received her Project Management Certificate.

    Nicolette values the power of inspiration: “It is inspiring to be part of a workplace that embodies my experience of life in Vancouver – sustainable, innovative and beautiful. ”

  • Noy Mika Noy Mika
    Communications Coordinator[Bio]

    Noy Mika
    Communications Coordinator

  • Patty Zheng Patty Zheng

    Patty Zheng

    As the office Accountant, Patty Zheng brings attention to detail and skill with numbers to overseeing accounts, the general ledger, payroll, and the extended health plan. Originally from China, Patty holds a Bachelor of Science from Fujian Normal University.

  • Andrea Smith Andrea Smith
    Finance & HR Administrator[Bio]

    Andrea Smith
    Finance & HR Administrator

    Andrea Smith brings organizational aptitude, extensive experience in customer service, and a friendly disposition to the firm. In her role as Finance & HR Administrator, Andrea supports project, general office and human resource administration. In addition, she performs assistant functions for the firm’s Managing Director to help keep the office running smoothly. Andrea is from Williams Lake and holds a degree in Hotel Management from Royal Roads University.

    Andrea is driven by sustainability: “Every day brings so many opportunities to perform actions that help our planet. Designing spaces that encourage these actions goes a long way to ensuring our planet stays beautiful and sustainable for generations to come.”

  • Kseniia Ivanova Kseniia Ivanova
    Executive Assistant to Gregory Henriquez[Bio]

    Kseniia Ivanova
    Executive Assistant to Gregory Henriquez

    A native of Moscow, Russia, Kseniia brings her poise and project management skills as Executive Assistant with Henriquez Partners. Kseniia studied Politics and Government at Moscow State University, and Arts at Columbia College in Vancouver.

    Kseniia values Design Excellence: “Well designed spaces bring people together and have the power to enrich our lives and our communities.”


  • Carmen Wong Carmen Wong
    Office and HR Administrator[Bio]

    Carmen Wong
    Office and HR Administrator

    Carmen brings her exceptional customer service abilities and communication skills as Office and HR Administrator with Henriquez Partners. Originally from Brandon, Manitoba, Carmen has a background in the hospitality industry. She holds a diploma in Hospitality Management and completed her Intermediate Management Modules.

    Carmen values inclusivity: “HPA emphasizes inclusivity in both its work and internal practices. Inclusivity allows us to progress forward, while ensuring the well being of communities.”

  • Adrienne Raleigh Adrienne Raleigh
    Construction Administrator[Bio]

    Adrienne Raleigh
    Construction Administrator

    The daughter of a civil engineer, Adrienne’s wide-ranging travels around the globe have allowed her to call the world home. With a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, she brings to Henriquez Partners a calm, rational and ordered approach to our construction administration.

    Adrienne values inclusivity: “I value inclusivity because I see it as the driving force for innovative solutions to greater societal problems. Similarly, new ideas cannot be found in something static, but rather in a dynamic dialogue between generations, cultures and spaces..”

  • Devon Guerriero Devon Guerriero

    Devon Guerriero

    Devon brings communication and customer service skills to her role as Receptionist with Henriquez Partners. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Devon holds a Bachelors in Environment and Urban Sustainability from Ryerson University. Before joining the firm, she travelled the globe and worked abroad for a year and a half.

    Devon values inclusivity: “I value inclusivity as a connection between my two passions of design and the environment. Inclusivity allows for the evolution of design into adapting to the needs of the environment.”

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