Meaningful Work and Design Excellence

Henriquez Partners Architects is dedicated to working closely with clients to create buildings that are culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable. It is our view that every project is an opportunity to enrich local communities by seamlessly integrating ethics and aesthetics. Informed by this credo and by an unwavering commitment to design integrity, we have consistently demonstrated the ability to manage projects from design through to construction, and the technical expertise to create structures that stand the test of time.

Our buildings have received several awards for design excellence, including the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture for the Lore Krill Housing Coop, the Trent Environmental Sciences Building, and the Sinclair Centre Federal Office Complex.

Large-Scale Projects to Smaller Unique Civic Structures

We have led and completed a number of large-scale projects including the $330M Woodward’s redevelopment and the LEED Gold BC Cancer Research Centre. The firm is also currently in the construction phase of  TELUS Garden, a million-square-foot, $750 million mixed-use project, and has just achieved rezoning approval for the Oakridge Redevelopment, a mixed-use project that will bring 2.76 million square feet of new residential to Vancouver, plus new office space, a 9-acre community park, and 70,000 square feet of civic amenities including a library, a community centre and a daycare.

While the firm excels at complex, large-scale developments, our portfolio also features an array of smaller, unique civic structures like the York Theatre Revitalization project which restored and expanded a 100-year old community theatre that was under threat of demolition. It is our philosophy that no building is too small if it contributes to society in a meaningful way.

We believe that architecture should be a poetic expression of social justice. To find out more about the vital role design plays in building a sustainable urban context, please visit our online journal, Archimemo.

[Top image, Stan Douglas, The Downtown Eastside, 2002]

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